Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dus ka dum!

Yeah, it's been so long. I haven't been very busy. The usual. I'll make ten points. My brain is too lazy for precise writing.
1) I went to this naturopathy centre called Shantivana in Ujire. It's a frigging fat camp. Helped me lose 3 kgs, my preconceived notions about exclusivity, my prudishness about being topless and yes, I lost my happy place there! But a good trip, you must try it sometime.
2) There is no game greater than ConFusebox. It's just too brilliant to be written about. You must play it sometime.
3) I keep wondering, can Gabriel Garcia Marquez top himself? Why wonder? He definitely can. There's no one else, not even someone like Tom Hanks' character in Cast Away who can write better about loneliness and solitude. His characters always think of someone, are with someone, yet they are inherently lonely. Be it Col.Aureliano, Florentino, the old man in Memories of my melancholy whores, everyone is alone. And I understand them. You must read Marquez's books sometime.
4) I don't think I've ever fully appreciated how sexy Shahid Kapoor is. With his shirt on of course. And how, despite some sub conscious Sharukh Khan imitation, he is quite a decent actor. You must watch Kaminey sometime.
5) I don't know why Ian McEwan was awarded the Booker for 'Amsterdam'. I mean, it's a nice book and all but it takes itself too seriously I think.It brings out people's psyche really well but yet nothing like the guilt that seeps through in 'Atonement'. You must read it sometime. 'Atonement' that is.Even 'Amsterdam' is a good read though.
6)I can't remember the last time I've listened to the same song for more than three weeks. That song is 'Pehli Baar Mohabbat' from Kaminey. It isn't such a great song. The vocals are good, the lyrics make you smile every time, as though it is the first time you're listening to that song.There's something about it that draws me to play it, even today.You must listen to it sometime.
7)I have been watching 'How I met your mother'.I love Ted Moseby.He reinstates my faith in men.It is good to know that there are men who fall in love on their first dates, are hopelessly romantic and who think that their ideal women must read Pablo Neruda.Why can't I find such men?!I freaking love Pablo Neruda.My favourite book is 'Love in the time of cholera'.If I knew bass guitar, I'd be Ted's ideal girl.And he's so cute.And I love him being pretentious!You must love Ted.Seriously.
8)My vocabulary has taken a serious dip.I've been talking in cheerleader English a lot lately.And I use 'seriously' way too much.Something is so wrong.I'm like totally off.See!I must improve. Seriously.Dammit!
9)I can be a good drinking buddy.I think I can fit in well in a gang of guys and check out girls with them.And probably beat up someone who doesn't follow traffic rules.Yeah baby!That's the dream.I must do that sometime.
10)I don't think I've felt truly connected to any person in a long time.I feel detached and drained out of expectations and hopes.I used to think this is happiness, a straight line, no highs and no lows, everything constant and unchanging, for the better.But I think it's boredom.I'm tired of taking chances, jumping off the roof, realising mid way that I'm not going to make it to the next solid ground.I'm tired of being 'off', of being an accessory in some one's life, of being dispensable, of knowing that somebody's life won't change a lot if I'm not in it.I'm just tired.I'm living for myself now and I'll drown myself in all the books about people who want an audience in their lives.If I can't be a showman, I'd rather be a good, attentive audience.I think I've lost touch with writing.Please forgive this pathetic excuse for a post on my depressing blog.

P.S-You're allowed to kill me in the vilest way possible for that title.


Wyntey said...

No matter how lowly you think of your posts .. i love them. Makes me feel better there are other nice albeit a tad eccentric, sane ( or insane..? )people in this world.

p.s. was the fat camp also a nudist camp ?!

p.p.s. this post was rather amusing, despite your cheerleader english .. lol

Shruti said...

Thanks :) yeah i'll always fluctuate between being incredibly narcissistic and horribly self depracatory!and that fat camp had a variety of treatments and massages(five types of massages to be exact) and well, you get my point!and i guess my comment slightly redeems me of my cheerleader English, just a tad little. :)

Snob In Rotten Shoes said...

yeah good point... i understand fat camp making u lose 3 kgs...but why in hell would it make you lose your top (or your inhibitions about aforementioned...which in my mind is kind of the same thing)??