Thursday, May 3, 2007


This poem of mine is dedicated to my just like to say thank u to her for enduring me thru all these years....amma i love you......

I always wished I were a man,

Just because it is so much easier to be one,

To flaunt a few bulgy biceps, stand taller,

Free to come back after midnight, to have unrestricted fun,

Not follow the goody-goody 'lady' etiquettes,

To not be constantly weighed with the so-called responsibility,

Of being 'pure', of upholding family honour,

To be the epitome of pseudo-chastity,

To eat what I want & how much I want,

To not have to look in the mirror & consider anorexia,

PMS is just a joke you could laugh at,

It would be so simple to be a man, huh?

And now as I hold you,

My child, my replicated soul,

As I rock you gently in my arms,

As you fit in the void, overfill that empty hole,

And I watch you yawn wide,

Your pink tongue rolling,

In your cute, toothless grin,

As I sing you a lullaby, your smooth hair caressing.

As I still ache all over my tired body,

From the process of making you,

How ‘we’ became ‘you’ and ‘I’,

And how we are still connected, by a bond new.

The pain seems sweeter,

As your tiny fingers encircle mine,

As you breathe in and out peacefully

And your small heart beats just fine,

As your little feet rub each others’,

My joy was never this great,

My pride swells infinitely,

At this beautiful punishment I got for one naughty mistake,

And now as I step in the new phase of my life,

With you sweetheart in my arms,

I can face anything,

Even the huge tempests and storms,

As we walk our first steps together,

As child and mum,

I want to be nothing but a woman

In all my lives to come…………………