Monday, June 25, 2012

I know. It has been a long time. I dint even know Blogger had changed so much. I want to make excuses; that I don't have a laptop to write out new posts, that it is difficult to type on my touch screen phone, that I don't find the time, that the horrible city that I have to work in has left me drained and uninspired but sooner or later, I face the facts. I cannot write anymore. I cannot think about what I would want to write. I cannot think beyond the lame, limited walls of my claustrophobic life to write about anything that might connect with someone other than me. I am not sure when this happened. It is scarily close to the time I started working. But I wouldn't want to blame that. Because no matter how much I try to deny the fact, I am happy with my job right now.

It is quite a shocker to me that I have reached a point where nothing motivates me to write. Is it because I see the same people everyday and face the same situations? Is it because I am too busy reading my Twitter feed to observe something outside the window of the bus and imagine a flashback to a moment that catches my attention? Is my job responsible for rhetoric and sentences starting with conjunctions? I don't know. Other than the enviable achievement of learning what the 'Home' button is for and what miracles it can perform whilst coupled with the 'Shift' button, the last few months have been terrifyingly devoid of meaning. It makes me think that happiness/complacency has very little to do with, can I sound corny, satisfaction in the philosophical, rational sense. I started out writing this post to highlight the good things that have happened to me in the past few months and ended up writing another depressing piece of mediocrity. So yes, not a lot has changed :)

To wrap up things, I want to write. That is probably the only thing I want to look forward to. Going through some of my more recent drafts, I have a feeling there is a chance of me being decently readable. Sometimes I think that writing may be a bit of fashion photography. You write so many things that something will stand out and be good enough.

P.S - I will try to complete some of my drafts. Quite excited :)
P.P.S - Activity engaging is a nice phrase. Almost as nice as the word 'proactive'