Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My philosophy

I recently finished my 12th std.So had and still have actually, a lotta time on my hands.So after getting bored reading 'Atlas Shrugged'(which by the way is a fantastic book!),bored of watching all the seasons of 'Friends' and plain bored of just lying down,I thought of....yeah,that seems to be a good idea...I thought of thinking....u know just thinking....about stuff like life and how we all came to be what we are and I came up with this amazing philosophy.Its bloody good!!But conditions apply.You have to believe in Karma to understand my philosophy and you have to know a tad bit about 'advaita' by Swami Shankaracharya.If you fulfil these conditions,go ahead and delve into my spiritual knowledge.
The simple thing about 'karma' is that whatever you do,comes back to you.If you do good,well,get ready to receive some of it.The same works the other way round.So if you trace back 'karma' to its roots,if you think back and realise that to start this complicated cycle of bad and good and good and bad,there must be a beginning.There must be an initiation at some point in the history of time.There must be one man who started the bad and thus initiated the cycle.Once human being evolved and had the capacity to think for himself,he formed communities and lived with people of his kind.The first knowledge of bad he had,the first selfish purpose and the first wickedness of thought to achieve ends by non-desirablemeans is what I'd like to call-God.Voila!There is my present thought on the ever interesting topic of spirituality.I know this thought has many loopholes.I'm not that well read in philosophical aspect.But as this was a totally original thought and something I'd want to believe in,I thought it was worth sharing with intelligent people who would want to comment on it.So fellow bloggers,please go ahead and share your views on my write....