Monday, November 30, 2009

My personal sun.

Heaven is a New Moon promotional poster and a pool of drool.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another year, another day...

Your smile.The same wicked upturn of the pink, thin lips, the same knowing glare in your eyes like you caught me thinking, thinking all night about the prospect of seeing you again after all these years.You give me the same little restless flutters I felt, even as you stand across the room, a few hundred feet away, leaning against the table with a casual elegance, a phrase I'll always associate with you.Your scotch touches your lips with a careless precision as you keep looking at me walk towards you slowly.I spot several familiar faces, faces I dint care about then, faces I'll never care about again.It's only you that draws me here, that drew me here in the first place.Every step I take towards you brings me physically closer to you but my mind is farther away.Somehow I think of winter when I think of you and seeing you now makes me feel the chill air of October mornings, the smell of freshly burnt firecrackers, the feel of those days.I have no idea what I'll say to you, I wish I could stop walking towards you and just stare at you smiling and let my bittersweet nostalgia erode a little more.But I'm scared that you'll get tired of waiting and turn away.I walk a tad bit faster, caring not about offending the people who have been greeting me and expecting me to do the same. You are still there, like a half opened window, I go towards it planning to shut it for good but I hold myself back every time.I've seen what's on the other side, I don't intend to again. It is just there, attracting my attention only when the breeze is strong.I smile, anticipating your musical voice as I reach you.You smile back.I wait.