Saturday, December 20, 2008


roof, hazy stars, amavasya, phone calls, midnight conversations, mushroom soup, Hyundai Santro, coloured font on Yahoo Messenger, Kurt Cobain, cousins, friends, friends' cousins, accountability, betta, college trip, 30 minutes, complement, colour, black, 3 30am, free messages, ex boyfriends, ex girlfriends, lost times, damsels, immigrant song, black, tired eyes, dirty feet, pedicures, Kriti, laughter, espresso, tears, red noses, awkward dinners, missed out lunches, confused feelings, moving on, goodbyes, trains, late arrivals, sad departures, black jacket, long fingers, no replies, unsaid, half said, fragments, Kannika, lazy conversations, mutual excitements, bad choices, choices, options, admirers, muses, fiction, movies, before sunrise, poetry, art, beauty, life?, being me.

P.S- It's not supposed to make sense to the reader. If it does, it's eerie!

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