Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Broken promises

Weather: Raining heavily after an extremely hot day. Preceded by a dust storm which left my already dusty room a little more dirty.
Beverage: Self made tea, a little on the sweet side.
Background music: 'Hazaaro Khwaishein Aisi' (Picked it randomly, mind you!)

Can I be more compelled to write?Unless I was in some really beautiful European city with a glass of red wine and violins playing in the background, I don't think so.

I realised
A few seconds late
That the part of the song I had been waiting for
Was already played.
The part of the song
Reminding me of you,
Reminding me of our initial conversations
Over missed out lectures
And a can of Mountain Dew
Passed by,
In moments
When I was far too busy,
Thinking about us...
Life got a little ahead of my memory
The part I waited for
Slipped by
In seconds of unintended reverie...
You see, love
The part I waited for
Has already been played...

P.S- It is so bad, I might kill myself.

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