Tuesday, June 9, 2009

And then I knew...

I did not feel right,
The first time I heard your voice.
Nor did it fit perfectly,
When your hand held mine.
Even as we sang
Our favourite songs off key,
Some note always felt missing...

We cried at the same movies
And read our poems to each other
Between the lazy siestas
Breathing life into one another...

And then,
On that eventful night
When I happened to wake up
At 2am
I saw a smile on your face
As you slept
And travelled back to your childhood
Your innocence
Shone through
My mask of uncertainty
And I knew,
I knew that hugs and kisses
Riffs and verses
Would probably never matter to me
As much as your dreamy smile
Your indifferent dedication
To all the endless nights
I cried myself to sleep
Before I met you...

Then I knew...


Snob In Rotten Shoes said...

why do u do this...just when i think you've finally started writing mundane stuff(the dead rat in the corner for eg.) you go ahead n write something so touching, i could cry...

Shruti said...

aww....that is so sweet :) you see i'm in love with love...i've gotta keep writing things like this!