Sunday, September 7, 2008

The third extreme...

I had my share of criticism yesterday from my brother and a teacher of mine.Both of them told me that I wasn't 'to the point'; that my mind was everywhere but where it 'should' be.Firstly, I think I'm the one who decides where my mind actually 'should' be.I think I earned that right by having opaque thoughts.Secondly, now if I think about it, it makes sense why I'm that way. It's gotta do with the creativity. I don't think a creative person can have a myopic mind.I think art, literary or visual, is all about being broad minded, thinking in all possible ways. The permutations and combinations of thoughts are endless.How can anyone explain 'the point' of the Mona lisa?What is 'the point' anyway?The point that she's smiling?Even a smile, human art, cannot be completely to the point.All I can say is that if you're broad minded enough, creative enough(which are relative by the way), you can never be 'to the point', you can never be precise.It doesn't matter if you can't arrive at a conclusion.It's the innate human need of trying to reason out everything.Heck, me writing shows how much I'm trying to reason the criticism!I know it can be exhausting some times when there's no point to a book, or a song, but the beauty of it overshadows reason.It's the thought after all that counts at the end.Atleast to me, it does.There's always a slight percentage of fiction in fact and vice versa.Just as there's always the possibility of unsurity in most of the things!

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