Thursday, January 1, 2009

I do not know where to begin.Or rather how.I have never been a person of smooth beginnings and sound endings.It was always the middle ground I liked.But when I see you, in all your glory, I fall short of words; short of phrases to describe you, short of sentences to please you.I remember the way your shirt was crumpled the day before, it looked like you just got out of bed.Your greasy, messy hair, begging to be touched atleast once, if not ruffled.You incite so many feelings in me in a single instant, I'm scared of what I might do if I stay closer to you any longer.You lean in towards me, to catch a sentence I've been saying.And my voice quivers with intensity as I try hard not to bite your ear.My legs feel weak, my breathing faster.I know, love, that you feel nothing this intense, not for me, not for anyone you've known.You are cold, indifferent and, in your own words, too laidback.

Make all excuses you want, you will know one day, some day, the heat in my skin when I look at you.You don't know what passion is?Let my tongue outline it for you, on the pink borders of your nicotine lips.Let my hair leave little trails of goosebumps on the delectable muscle of your chest.Let my hands do the talking for the intentions I have for you in my mind.Your voice rings musically in my ears, your surprisingly soft touch makes me anticipate, more and more.Keep telling yourself you won't fall into this, darling.Surrender your body to me, just for a day.It doesn't take too long to feel alive.

My obsession for you borders on unhealthy, I know.Is it scary?I know your answer already.But know this too, you're marked.You can run away but you can't hide too long.My muse, don't you know it yet?

P.S-Tell me it din't turn you on.


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