Sunday, December 6, 2009

I never thought you were a fool. But darling, look at you!

"Do you remember that time..."


"What? Let me finish..."

"You don't have to do this!"

"Do what? Be nostalgic?"

"Well, yeah. Don't try that whole angle with me."

"What angle?!"

"You know that thing where you tell me a forgotten memory and I think about it all moist eyed and then remember how much I've missed you and lean in for a kiss? It's too cliche."

"I'm just trying to relive a moment. And get a kiss, yes. Because trust me, you'll go all 'Aww...' when you listen to this!"

"Knowing me, you have the gall to say that."

"At least listen to me!"

"OK. Go ahead. What specific moment in our long stint of getting messed up should I remember?"

"You know that time when you'd sneak out and...?Forget it.You ruined the moment."

"Hey, I'm sorry. Tell me. Now I really want to know. I'd sneak out and...?"

"I don't want to say."

"Please? Pretty, pretty please?"


"You're such a girl! Grow a pair and just tell me, will ya?"

"Now that's my girl!OK the moment's back.So you'd sneak out and come over to my roof and we'd drink beer all night?"

"Yeah. I don't remember any of my conversations when I was drunk. I don't want to rather. I'd get embarrassingly sentimental and sound alarmingly like you."

"You light up my day sweetheart. Well, I hate beer."


"Sigh. Anyone would have thought how that was a sweet gesture and gone misty eyed and appreciated how I'd go through that pain of fermented poison sliding down my throat just to be with you but oh no, the world would end if it knew you had a heart."

"Aww...That's so sweet!I never would have thought a pansy like you hated beer!I have missed you so.Come closer, get a blanket.We'll sit all cuddled up inside and hum Backstreet Boys' songs!"

"I really did miss you babe."

"I know. I knew you hated beer anyway. I'd just wait for the day when you'd confess that. And you have to do it now. You think life is like a rom-com, don't you?"

"If I manage to make you cry, I swear it'll beat 'Notting Hill' being the best movie ever made."

"You think 'Notting Hill' is the best movie ever made?!"

"Let's not start that. Try a conversation my way sometimes. It bruises my ego less."

"You love the bruises, you masochistic fool."

"Well, true. Who am I kidding? So you think life is like a splatter/gore movie eh? Or rather you'd like it to be that way?"

"I'm not all that violent you know. For all my talk about punching you in the nose, I'd probably start crying if I saw you hurt. Don't give me that look!"

"I'm sorry.Did you use the words 'I' and 'cry' in the same sentence with no sarcasm laced under it?Hey that rhymed!"

"Do you want me to punch you now?"

"I'm sorry. So tell me. That whole rom-com thing."

"Not everything is perfect. I'm not. You are so far from it that you can't even see it with a telescope!"

"That was super lame.What's wrong with you?I dint even touch you and you caught me!"

"Shut up!My point is not everything begins and ends with a kiss.And I hope you realize that soon."

"I wouldn't last with you if I weren't stronger.I'll wait for you to weaken."

"It won't happen."

"You said you couldn't make it today.But here you are."

"You love coming up here, don't you?"

"It is beautiful up here."

"Yeah true.I can almost understand why people love watching stars."

"They always make interesting company."

"I know.Want to get some beer?"


P.S- I know it's a little meandering and pointless but I feel really cynical these days and just wanted to express that somehow.By the way, the title is a line from a U2 song 'Stuck in a moment'.If you haven't listened to it yet, what the hell are you doing still reading this?

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