Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Momentary lapses of...facial muscles?

She stands near the door, going through her bag, apparently looking for her keys. I know that she is trying to put on that elaborate act of fumbling through the contents of her bag just to avoid looking up to catch me stare at her. She has to look up sometime. I persevere. She looks up half a second later. I smile. I know that she will begin thinking about all the metaphors she can use for my 'impish' or 'wicked' or what was the other word? Damn, I forget. Not that I care. I always told her she was too romantic and should stop dreaming away and get real. She hadn't noticed me all this time even as I sat right behind her. Maybe it worked. That's a first. I can't tell what she is thinking right now. She is usually quick on the uptake, she must have already written half a piece of prose on my, what was that word again? smile. Her face is impassive. She is totally still, expressionless. I'm a little hopeful, waiting that she won't break the spell. Then her face lights up as she gives me a big, toothy smile.Just when I thought I was done with this!When will she ever remember that she has gotten over me?Damn!Better look down now before she makes up something else...

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