Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Leaving, left and gone.

What could break your heart more intensely? When you know that a storm is approaching, that it is going to be a bad one and you better prepare for it or when you are looking up at the clouds and they conspire to suddenly separate, to expose the harsh sunlight to your unsuspecting eyes? Does the anticipation of pain make it more bearable? It is like when the surgeon comes out of the operating room and tells you that you shouldn't be hopeful. You prepare yourself, there might be a splinter that would start to break your heart, vein by vein, artery by artery, until all that is left is a mess of blood and oxygen. Would it be less painful if you never knew that there would be a splinter someday?

I wouldn't have time
To prepare for goodbyes
The thought is too painful
To get over with laments and sighs,
Come tomorrow,
When I wait for a smile,
Knock on my door,
And tell me it is futile,
Tell me you intended to let me know
As I cry over the abrupt adieu,
Tell me it was a last moment call,
Ask me to think about it from your point of view,
Maybe I'll hate you for it,
I'll always believe that you lied,
Maybe I wouldn't know what to say,
Maybe I'd be happy to be deprived,
Of awkward pauses and clumsy farewells,
Declaration of promises neither will keep,
Happy to be woken up sharply,
From a nightmare ridden sleep...

P.S - I can't begin to comprehend how bad that is but somehow had to write something. This made me feel good. I really wanted to rhyme.

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