Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Of half sentences and other...

Sometimes I am obvious to the point of being painful. And sometimes I can use all the words I know and yet fall short of expressing something I feel. Sometimes I feel like I'm too lazy to feel certain emotions and I'd rather circumvent them than actually live with/through them. Sometimes, I blurt out unnecessary things. Sometimes I hide necessary things. Sometimes I'm convinced that some of my dreams were childhood memories. Sometimes I cry watching movies like 'We are family'. Sometimes I don't want to talk to anyone else other than my cat and a bag of chips. Sometimes I wish I could explain what makes me this way and not sound lame/hopeful for a weird Freudian explanation. Sometimes I'm just me. And sometimes, I hope I'm funny.

P.S - Totally proud about the rhyme in the last sentence. Hi-five-ing a million angels :D

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