Thursday, April 12, 2007

Appetite for destruction!

Some day last year in February, I visited my relatives in Mysore. There was a house-warming ceremony, a "Gruha-Pravesh" that is and it was sort of a family get together too. I was more than happy that I was meeting my uncles and aunts and my cousins after a long time. The ceremony was done. The house was beautifully constructed and now it was good to be occupied soon.
The next day, there were some post Gruha Pravesha ceremonies which we had to attend. I woke up a little late, so when I joined everybody, they had already finished their breakfast. So I had to eat alone.
My cousins accompanied me to the table and gave me the good news- there was uppit for breakfast. (for those of you who do not know what uppit is, it is a 'delicacy' prepared from soji or rava with a few vegetables thrown in. It is disliked by almost every mortal I know.) So I had to eat uppit to calm my grumbling stomach and raise my blood sugar levels. I braved a bite...... It tasted nothing like uppit. It was very good actually. It tasted even better with curd so I quickly finished the second helping and reached for the third. Thats when it all started. My cousins looked visibly shocked. Some workers who were helping out with vessels and all were openly pointing at me and laughing. My elder brother came up from behind and looked disgusted with me and said "Stop eating, tubby!" ( yeah, he calls me tubby.) My other cousin (who by the way has a waist of which even Kiera Knightely would be envious about) came up, looked at me and said "How do you manage that?" pointing at my slightly bulged midriff. This news spread like wildfire and and everybody kept advising me how I should control my appetite and how girls should always eat less..............what!!
I did not have a problem that I was so openly ridiculed. I did not mind those annoying,
concerned look in my elders' eyes. All I'm asking is-why the hell can't I eat? Ok I'm fat. I have flab peeking out of my sleeves, I run out of breath while climbing the stairs et al but why can't I eat what I wanna eat and how much I wanna eat? There's not a single day in my adolescence that my brother hasn't come up to me everytime I eat and said to me- " You're gonna explode one day, you know." My friends actually told me once that my husband would go bankrupt satisfying my appetite........why???
I have a healthy appetite. Maybe larger than many I know but nevertheless healthy. I scorn at words like 'anoeroxia' and 'bulimia' and wonder how people can actually die due to anything related to food(except for food allergies). I cannot be somebody like Mischa Barton even if you paid me to be. I use my toothbrush to brush my teeth and hairbrush to just comb my hair. I will never go in for wierd surgeries like stomach stitching and all just to improve my eating habits, for God's sake!
I believe food is a God given gift, drastically improved by man and I'll be committing blashphemy if I don't eat well. Oh yeah, you can tell me "People in Somalia are dying of hunger." but please, how many of you actually think about that when you are happily hogging away at your McDonald's happy meals? In any case, I'm not snatching somebody else's daily bread. I'm eating my own food, bought by the hard-earned money of my parents. And I'll continue to do so.
My dreamland in the past was a place full of trees and waterfalls and a Porsche Boxster (black) whose driver is my Prince Charming. But now it has changed. It can be any place for all I care, but a place where I can eat what I want and any quantity I want without being irritated by worried eyes or hearing the word 'enough' a billion times. So please folks, all I'm asking is let me be and yeah, lemme eat!

P.S- Just so you know, I promote vegetarianism. Cheers!

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Kriti said...

yavvvvvvvvvvvaaaaaaaaaa!!!eat ya eat!!!!wont say a thing from now on!!!promise!! :-P