Thursday, April 26, 2007

My conversations with God...

When I get bored by the world,

The same old things,

The same boring stuff,

I go to the rooftop,

To merge up with the sky,

To disappear into another world.

In the late hours of evening,

When the sun bids farewell,

To go on a long journey,

And shine its light on others,

Far,far away from us,

Allowing the stars to deck up

The sky,stepping into the dark night,

Away from the multi-coloured evening.

The first star appears,bright and beautiful,

Shining through the black shroud.

The universe seems concentrated,

On this single,powerful dot;

Like a diamond in a coal mine,

A pepper grain in a bowl of thick curd,

Making the dark mysteries of the night,

Seem ever the lovelier and beautiful.

Other stars appear, like pinpricks tiny,

As though the huge black cloth

Holding up light is bursting,

Into tiny holes, letting out waves

Of differing frequencies and lengths,

In a sharp beam of their unison.

Countless twinkles, so far away,

Yet so near, so huge, yet so tiny.

I look at this marvel of God,

Of the nature, and then softly hear,

Whisperings of my mind, my heart,

Begging me to let out, all my feelings,

My deep fears, my unshed tears,

My dark secrets, as dark as the night,

To unchain the real me,

To be indifferent to matters which do not matter,

To care for those who care,

To give my best to the world around me.

And then am I peaceful,

Experiencing a bliss, a spiritual trance,

A clear mind and a pure heart,

A feeling felt at all times,

But comprehended only a few.

I descend from the stairs,

Back to the same mundane environment,

With a fresher outlook, a brand new view,

Still hearing the soft, soothing whispers,

Of my conversations with God.

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