Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I think of you now,
As the moonlight falls on my wide awake eyes,
Is it 3am already?
I wonder what you are doing,
Lying awake looking at the moon too?
Or does that happen only in the movies?
You must probably be sleeping,
Dreaming, about a better world,
Yeah I know, a better world with her.......

As I struggle to escape reality,
And fall into a bottomless sky,
To land in a fantasy,
Where I wake up next to you,
Looking into your thoughts, I wish,
I could erase her subconscious presence,
Selfishness would you call it?
I call it love, in the only understandable way.......

I look at you now, sitting across me,
Humming a random song,
Your eyes lighting up at an anecdote,
You've been wanting to share with her,
She'll laugh I know, you're funny,
I'll treasure your look at that laugh,
The chuckle at the end of it all.........

I think you look great today,
Maybe I'll let you know,
But God!Are all the lines in this world
Used already?
Dreamy, thats what I am,
And you, in all your glory,
Contradict me,
I'll give up all my dreams,
For a moment of reality,
With you.......

I feel the tingle,
As you casually touch my arm,
And I think to myself,
What a waste!
Nothing grieves more deeply or pathetically
Than one half of a great love
That isn't meant to be......
One of Karla's lines. Or was it Didier?
I smile.
You ask me "What?"
I say "Nothing at all....."

If I could just tell you,
What I can write about you,
If you'd feel the same,
As I feel now,
Words would make more sense,
Words wouldn't be necessary at all.......

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Kriti said...

Feel like you've read something similar before? Like...MY MIND? holy...this one's so beautifully honest like the name. loved it. can't type anymore. got misty eyes.