Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Feeling.........

I just want to write something.You know, the feeling when you just, inexplicably have to/want to eat hot chocolate brownies? You dont know the feeling?? *horror*Explains why I put on weight faster to come up with a good simile but my groggy brain refuses to work! I can almost hear it say "I'm trying my lord(the minute influence of 72 hours of reading Harry Potter and nothing else) but it just wont come up with a thought. No, please dont hurt me with studying again!No!Have mercy, lord!" Anyway, atleast my brain is sharp enough to now tell me I'm taking it too far.Too far.So anyway, I thought about what I could write. I first thought I could write about a list of blah-blah.Like things that make me angry, things that make me want to kill myself!But then I thought "But oh dear, no one cares!And I mean it in the sweetest possible way, no one gives a shit!" Well, then I got this idea about writing something thats been missing in my life for a long time, you could say its practically died inside me.I now write about the Feeling.

You know?The Feeling!With the capital 'F'.I will of course elucidate or enunciate, whatever the technical word is for being more descreptively detailed. I usually associate the Feeling with a crush. A brand new one. Oh the endless looking at him wondering if he is doing the same, the smiling to oneself while listening to a particualrly sweet line in a Bryan Adams' song(For instance 'Please forgive me, I can't stop loving you'.Seriously who can beat that?). I always crave for this Feeling. It gives an immense sense of well being. The soothing comfort of believing rather than knowing that nothing can go wrong. All the hidden smiles and guitly, surreal pleasures heighten the feeling of the Feeling. It can be anything, not just the new-crush-feeling. It can be joining the gym(happening right now, thank you thank you!) or getting the job you love, helping someone without expectations, anything that gives the exhilirating feeling like you've just swallowed a flask full of Felix Felicis(Sorry!Harry Potter reigns my mind at the present!For the Potter-ignorant, firstly you guys are missing out a LOT by not reading the series and secondly Felix Felicis is a lucky potion which makes the drinker lucky and super confident for the next 12 hours). You can call it the high. But it helps so much. The Feeling. Ah! I crave you!

P.S- I know I have done no justice to the title and half of you dont even get what Im talking about but I do not care.My blog, my ideas.Take em or chuck em.No!I dint mean that.Please read my blog!I seriously want a life and the comments are the only thing keeping me alive.Kidding but they are partly.So anyway, I actually did a lotta mending to my life lately.Got everything under control and have never been this happy!So I started writing again and have thought of many things and will post them soon enough.This kicks ass, dont it?I think Im high.Not with Feeling.Just high on chocolate!Before I forget, I came up with two lines which are bloody good and you're not permitted to use them.If you do, please dont fail to mention "Oh yeah I read this line in this awesome blog right!That girl sure is great!" Yes, I would like that very much and you can wait for your share of good karma once you do the said asked.(Cool!)Oh before I forget, the lines are(drumroll):
1)My love life is more depressing than Haiti's economy.
2)Euphemism is a euphemism for hypocrisy.

Cya in a jiffy!Once the writing machine whirrs to life, you cant stop her(although you can with a little Harry Potter and a lot of dairy milk!)Cheers!


Kriti said...

DUDE! I can totally understand how high you were when you wrote this. Kicks ass. The feeling of being in that state as well as the post.
"Euphemism is a euphemism for hypocrisy." not just drum roll, it gets the fanfare of a 100 kazoos!
welcome back! :)

Wyntey said...

Reading your post made me smile ... and mind you, a genuine one. Your way is a darned effective way to deal with life's turmoils. Cute and oh so interesting.

keep rocking \m/

Anonymous said...

Hi.. i know u dont knw me.. but i graduated frm the same colg which u r in now..and god damn i am a bit pissed coz i didnt have a chance to meet u..i surely wud have loved to be frnds wid u.. guess i missed my chance..
neways ur 1 st line.. "my love life is much more depressing than Haiti's economy"..awesome.. no one else cud have described a depressing love life than this.. keeep on rocking..

Shruti said...

hello anon!
thank you for your made my day!you from bvb?you could've atleast mentioned your name...i probably do know you!well you haven't missed your chance don't worry...the good old internet is quite helpful!hope to hear from you again!:)