Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Okpa!Its official.I have the most unproductive life .Seriously.I consumed like a zillion calories today.And watched That 70s show all day long!I mean I'm like extra ___ pounds on earth (You think I'll tell the world how much I weigh?Doubt mat rakhna!) Well anyway, blah blah, read this:

1)This song called 'Hello it's me' by Todd Rundgren is out of the world. It seemed more delightful when it was playing in the Vista Cruiser as Eric and Donna kissed for the first time.Sigh.What a wonderful life!

2) Read this. Its pure, imported turd of course. But its freaking funny!

3)I watched 'Requiem for a dream' last night.It is deeply disturbing.I could totally relate to the charater of Sara Goldfarb.Its no joke, being fat.

4)I have exams in a week and I am not one bit tensed or prepared. But I know I'll sail through. With an 8.5 pointer.You'll see.

5)My future looks so bleak now.I have no idea what I want in life and what to expect.All I know is I have to see Kashmir before I die.And also go on an African safari with Dad. Also kiss Ashton Kutcher.Ok now I'm delusional. I guess its all the butterscotch ice cream.Hmmm.....I'll have some more.

6)I am so high right now!

7)I have a new addiction to cola.I thought it was only the Americans and some west influenced youth who craved for Pepsi but now I'm addicted too.Even though I think that Pepsi ads are some of the corniest ads ever made and should be banned for the sole reason of being a huge taint on the consumer intelligence.

8)I so wanna be un-single!!

9)I love Coldplay.

10)I have no more problem with attendance.Whooppie!

P.S-I know you don't care, but guess what?Neither do I!


The Aspirant said...

#5 An African Safari before you die!
c'mon now your stealing my dreams ;-)

and the safari with DAD??!! how cool is that

Shrav said...

wanna be unsingle??! lolz... that sounds a lil despo!