Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My yesterday...

It's a pathetic attempt but I thought I had to write it...

I have tried,
And failed, several times,
To plaigiarise,
The working of your mind,
I wish I could have been,
What you always needed,
Instead I was always the second best,
Not quite something you wanted,
It breaks my heart,
When I think of us being apart,
Time heals, they say,
But all I want is a little more of my past,
A chance to do it all again,
One more time, I wish I could say,
What you mean to me, my love,
I wish I could live my yesterday...

I wish I could say something better,
Than the cliches I used,
A little more silence could bring us closer,
Could get you interested, get you seduced,
I want to kiss the tear,
That clings to your eye,
After a sad movie, a great book,
With you, I'd cry,
Let me get lost in your hair,
In the fragrance of the ebony mane,
Let me caress you once more,
And fall in love with you again,
I wish I could turn back time,
Just for once, just for today,
I wish I could win you back,
I wish I could live my yesterday...