Wednesday, October 29, 2008

10 things you probably didn't know about me.

1)I have an artificial tooth.(Front tooth)
2)I am a huge fan of Dexter's laboratory.
3)I actually loved Dhoom 2 the first time I watched it.(Second day, second show if I'm not wrong.)
4)I am addicted to caffeine.
5)I have a huge crush on Rachel Green(Jennifer Aniston's character) from 'Friends' season 1 and 2.Man, those legs!:P
6)I'm a little bi-curious.(I guess anyone can guess that after the above mentioned point!)
7)I cannot wait to have kids and raise them.
8)My ultimate dream is to direct a movie based on my school days and call it 'Doughnuts of Durga bakery'.
9)My mind is sexier than Angelina Jolie's body.
10)I'm not as selfish and self obsessed as I seem to be.
P.S-If you are reading it and you already know all these points, then you're either Kriti or Kannika.

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