Sunday, March 8, 2009

Come to me...

Come to me,
I know you've got friends,
I know you don't need me,
But I need to hear your voice tonight,
I'm scared baby,
I'm scared of letting you go
Scared of the idea,
That we were never meant to be,
I'm scared,
That you won't be around anymore,
That you'd rather be someplace else...

I have been too restless, too long,
I've been too passionate, too long,
Come to me love,
Drain my hopes,
Erase my memories,
Of you,
Of listening to your voice at 3am,
Kill those little moments,
Of laughter and dreams,
I can't think of them anymore,
I can't need them anymore...

I wish I could be happy for you,
I want to be baby,
Come to me,
Hush me,
Whisper softly in my ear that it will be fine,
Pretend like you mean it,
And I'll nod along beneath my tears,
Tears that have refused to flow,
Since you been gone,
I need you tonight baby,
I need you to hush me quiet...

Hold me, till it all fades away,
Till I can finally say,
"It was nice knowing you..."

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