Thursday, March 5, 2009

Obligations and pragmatism...


"Hello.How have you been?"

"I'm quite ok.How about you?"

"I'm good too.Same old life."

"Same old, boring life*his annoying laugh*, I presume."

"Yeah...You told me once not to mention everytime that my life doesn't change much because you already know it.I remember things, unlike some people."

"Don't worry doll.I remember quite a lot of things myself."



"Hmmm...So what else?"

"I thought we'd agreed uopn using the phrase 'Then what?' instead of 'What else'?"

"Do I look like I care?"

"I was just making small talk."

"I thought that was my job."

"Not exactly.You just do it better than I do.You could keep up small talk spanning three hours of conversation."

"I thought you liked talking to me."

"I thought so too."

"You know babe, it's ironic that you always hated formalities and now all we have left is formalities."

"I know.I don't think it's possible for me to ever loosen up in your presence again."

"That's quite comforting. I'm just waiting for the day when I can relax in your presence again."

"You do know that I'm never going to be the same again right?"

"Yeah I do.The relaxing is for my benefit.That'll mean that I wouldn't care if you were around me anymore."

"I'll look forward to that day.Goodbye."

"My lover?"


"*smiles* Nothing babe."

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