Friday, March 14, 2008


For the first time, since I have started writing seriously(I mean, you can't consider the poems I wrote on 'Tree' and 'Bird', can you?), I have named a write-up exactly what its based on.Well for a moment you(the highly esteemed reader!) might think this might be a religious post.Or atleast a spiritual one.Its not.Its just faith.About it.As simple as the title.

I watched a program on Animal Planet the other day called 'Extraordinary Pets USA'.There was an interview of this guy, who owns two Bengal tigers.One is a cub, whom he bathes and feeds and lets it bite him and keeps hugging it affectionately.The other is a full grown one, a tigress in all its glory.And he was completely at ease with them!He keeps the tigress in a big, caged ground in the backyard and he enters it from time to time to feed the gorgeous chica.And when he does, he goes empty handed.No weapon, no form of protection whatsoever.You can say he is a romantic fool because tigers are by nature wild and can attack anytime even if they are non-agressive.But the fact remains that what he does is tremendously admirable.He just goes in, all by himself, and lies next to her, stroking her brilliant fur.She raises a paw and he doesnt even whimper.He knows its harmless and she will probably rest it on his back.And she does.

What I found interesting in all this is that many people would consider this an act of bravery.They'd see this and say "Wow, man!That guy's got guts!".But I beg to differ.It doesnt take guts to do it.I mean it does, considering the 600 kilos tigress can kill him as easy we kill a bug.But it takes a lotta faith to do what he does with so much ease.I cannot for sure say faith in what.Tigress in all probability.But if he's a person with broader perspectives and I have a feeling he is, its a blind faith in nature.The truest of all beliefs and faiths.Mother Nature is the only one who allows you to commit the mistake, forgives you whole heartedly and provides a chance for redemption.Pity it goes wildly discredited more than unrecognised. Sorry, I digress.(Killer man!I have always wanted to say that!Sorry, I digress.Cool!).I believe that he has so much faith in nature, her peace loving ways and her generosity that he knows for sure that he will not be harmed if he means no harm.That explains why he is alive and kicking, still taking care of the tigers and still loving what he does.There must be an instant when he enters the cage and looks at the huge pupil of the tigress dilate and skips a beat wondering 'What if...?'But a little whiff of breeze and he knows nothing can go wrong.And he kisses her mane and falls in love with Mother Nature as countless others dreamers do, much like me, all over again.

I have got to contradict myself and go against what I said at the beginning of the post.This brings me to a point where I watch hordes of 'devotees' crowd at temples, kick and hurt each other to catch a glimpse of stone or metal and feel satisfied.The mediocrity of it all never fails to amaze me.I am not saying that people should not have faith in religion or whatever it is.Maybe most part of it is ignorance.Or the Indian weakness of getting influenced very soon.But somehow their will and indifference to never question the existence of an all knowing, all powerful God when the proof, product and the future of life nurtures and dies right in front of them surprises me to say the least.

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Kriti said...

a) Thank You.
b) This is brilliant!
c) Although I always believed, not letting the animals live in the wild like they're meant to, was in a way harming them?